Answering Questions from You; Know me better Tag

“Do you ever wonder, do you, why I loved you for such a long time, and still didn’t really know you?”- Khadijah Rupa, Unexpressed Feelings.

Oh hello hello Hello!!! Welcome back to “our” blog. Yes, a blog by me to You. Does that sound cheesy? Well, I’m in a cheesy mood, allow me!! 

For this week’s post, You ask, I answer!

I know I’ve shared a lot about my life with you guys already, but there’s still a huge part of it you might not get. Like, do you know every morning- I take a long run stark-naked in my neighborhood?

Do you know that?

Wait…do you really know that? I don’t think anyone does. Because!! It! All! happens! In! My! head!

Anyways, I compiled every question I got to make this post more exposè, fun and chilled! So, grab your iced drink (whatever it may be, preferably, water. Yes, sip on that water!!) and enjoy the read.

1. What is your middle name?

I don’t have one. Which is weird! My name is just, “Sharonrose” one name- no separation of Sharon from Rose. But everyone calls me Sharon.

2. Favorite Color

Minimalist acceptable colors. White, Black, Grey. Recently, I’m into shades of Yellow.

3. What are you watching right now?

-Proven Innocent : I am currently obsessed with this show, it’s sooooo good! And BTW, she has beautiful hair !!!

4. Biggest Fear?

My biggest fear would be not doing enough. Which is so different to, Not being enough. I just have this fear of not doing the best I could to everyone or every situation around me.

5. Are you in a Relationship?
Uhmm. I think so. I have someone I really like and I talk to everyday.

6. Perfect Friend in three words

First of. While I don’t believe on the word ‘perfect’ on humans. I still believe in genuine relationships.
Loyal. Supportive. And Kind

7. How do you stay motivated while working out?
I just don’t force it anymore. I makesure I workout because I love my body enough to keep it healthy.

8. How did you deal with your depression in the past?
STOP personalizing depression, it is not of you nor anyone. And i wrote a post on how I got away from my struggles through faith and self-care.

9. Do you miss your ex?
Urghhhhhhhh?!!! It was a good relationship that shouldn’t have ended. But it was a mutual decision. We still talk, and I have a boy now. But yes, I do miss him as a person, not necessarily as a boyfriend. Just as a normal human being!

10. Thoughts on Virginity

As a Christian and a romantic at heart,I believe so deeply in the words of God about the value of my body and I also think it’s more romantic in the safety of marriage. But I also respect the differences in beliefs and perspectives.

11. Current book I’m reading:
-It’s not suppose to be this way
gifted to me by the graceful Harotianessentials

12. Your favorite thing to do daily?
I have quite a few. My morning routine is a mood on it’s own. But I really enjoy reading the Bible and listening to Podcasts. My top favorite podcasts are; Laid Barely, Joel Osteen, Oprah and Happy hour.

13. How do you make sure Loneliness doesn’t lead to depression?
First of all, get this: Loneliness is verY veRY vERY VERY dangerous to our mental health. As humans, we all have bits of negativity, insecurity, fear and self-doubt lurking around the dark corners of our mind. So, imagine being vulnerable to them? When you’re lonely, you let yourself become susceptible to every dark emotions lurking within your mind. The bad ones come out to play! So, try your very best in keeping yourself engaged. It’s all a struggle for us, but even in a resting-mood, think positively and re affirm yourself that YOU are ABOVE depression and anxiety. Read a Book, meditate, create something, and don’t forget the power in calling an old friend to catch up with. Never be afraid to reach out and talk with old friends or make new ones too.

14. Is writing going to be a Career for you?

wow! This is deep. Well, while I enjoy writing and would never stop till I’m old and grey, till my finger bones crack and shiver while I write, and my body is physically unable to vomit out words. But, I’ll rather my career focus on my other passions of service and human relations.

15. Favorite place on earth?

I don’t want to sound cliche but, Hawaii and Greece are my dream places to visit. And just anywhere magnificiento!!

BONUS- Favorite Saying

Disregard every word that comes before a ‘but’

When a boy tells me, ‘I love you but, I don’t think I can do this anymore’-all I hear is, he can’t do this anymore. No bullshit, no edits, no fake chivalries. Just honest brutal truth shoved down my throat.

And she’s a wrap!

I hope through these answers you’ve gotten to know more about me. (lol, like you didn’t know enough already). in a question, God bless you and every thing you do in supporting me, I am beyond grateful!!

Shoutout to, Favor, Feyi, Caleb, Sandra, Sam, Phoebe, Toyin, Caleb, Ab, Precious and Ruth. Thank you for these questions.

I love you all beneath and above, till next time.


Sincerely, Sharon.




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